S2 Yachts expanding, adding 400 new jobs

HOLLAND, Mich. – S2 Yachts Inc., builder of Tiara and Pursuit boats, plans to increase its workforce by 62.5 percent, reported the Detroit Free Press in an article yesterday.

The Michigan-based boat builder is expanding its manufacturing facility by 300,000 square feet, which will create 400 new jobs, to be added to the company’s current workforce of 640 employees, according to the newspaper.

The expansion will cost S2 Yachts $14 million, but the government is providing the company with about $7 million in incentives, including a $4.7 million state tax credit spread over a 13-year period, a $2.1 million city tax abatement spread over 12 years and a job training grant worth $200,000.

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