NY State adopts minimum age increase for PWC operators

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Personal Watercraft Industry Association is supporting the passage of a bill in New York State that will increase the minimum age of PWC operators to 14, according to a recent statement from the group.

The following statement can be attributed to Maureen Healey, Executive Director of PWIA

“By signing this legislation into law, Governor Pataki has taken a bold step to help ensure capable and mature boaters are at the helm on New York waterways,” said Maureen Healey, PWIA executive director. “Personal watercraft are a lot of fun to operate but they should be approached with the same respect and level of knowledge as other boats. The personal watercraft industry thanks Senator Skelos and Assemblywoman Eddington for putting boating safety first and introducing this proposal to require that PWC operators have reached a certain level of maturity.”

New York AB1477/S4129 requires a boating safety certificate for the operation of personal watercraft by persons fourteen and over and prohibits operation by persons under 14 years of age unless properly accompanied.

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