Florida company signs Asian OEMs

RUSKIN, Fla. – While exhibiting at the Boat Asia show in Singapore in April, Bob’s Machine Shop of Ruskin, Florida, reached agreement with its first-ever Asian OEMs-SwissCat of Thailand and Indonesia-based Northsea Boats, the company said in a recent release.

BMS has agreed to supply both companies with selected lines of its patented hydraulic jack plates. SwissCat will carry the BMS Ultralight 4″ jack plate, while Northsea is set to carry the company’s 4″ Ultra HD model. In addition, Northsea has also purchased the BMS line of nose cones, which are used to modify lower units on outboard engines.

Company president Greg Pelini eventually expects the new OEMs will carry all four versions of BMS hydraulic jack plates, helping to further expand his business into overseas marine markets.

“In the US, we already have very strong penetration with OEM boatbuilders,” Pelini said. “International trade shows, such as Boat Asia, are important vehicles for growing our brand franchise in the global OEM marketplace.”

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