Broward Marine reopens repair division

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Broward Marine, a South Florida-based manufacturer of luxury, semi custom-built yachts, will reopen its repair and refit division, the company said in a release today.

The repair and refit division - specializing in aluminum repair and hull extensions, repaint work, and bottom, shaft and prop repairs - reopened following Tom Lewis' recent acquisition of Broward Marine.

The facility can accommodate yachts up to 185' with its 12'-deep marina and haul vessels up to 150 tons using its marine travel lift.

“Continued marine industry expansion has created the need for a luxury yacht repair and refit facility in South Florida,” said Robert Dean, general manager of Broward Marine. “The reopening of our repair and refit division supports this level of industry growth and further exemplifies Mr. Lewis' commitment to revitalizing Broward Marine into one of the world's premiere yacht companies.”

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