Access Board grants extension for public input

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) has granted requests for an extension of the public comment period on the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Small Passenger Vessels, the National Marine Charter Association reported in a release this morning.

NMCA, in conjunction with the National Marine Manufacturers Association, sought the extension in order to be better able to help the Access Board understand the difficulties seen in adopting the proposed guidelines, and the particular concerns for extending the large vessel guidelines to small passenger vessels.

The Access Board is granting a four-month extension of the comment period (it will now close on July 28, 2005) and plans to host two additional public meetings on this matter.

The marine charter industry utilizes a wide variety of vessels used in many types of charter operations around the country. An extended research period is necessary to thoroughly study how the Access Board's recommendations would affect both manufacturers and operators, and allow NMCA to provide information to the Access Board that will protect its members from burdensome government regulations that could put charter operators out of business.

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