CCP to raise prices March 21

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Cook Composites and Polymers will implement a $0.04 per pound price increase for its gel coat and unsaturated polyester resin products effective March 21, the company reported in a recent release.

Paul Colonna, CCP's vice president for Composites, said a number of factors have driven the change, including:
- Continued rise in costs of key raw materials, particularly glycols, maleic anhydride, titanium dioxide (Ti02), and styrene (due to the rising cost of benzene).
- Decreased availability of many of these same raw materials.
- Ongoing increases in both transportation and energy costs.

"Continued weakening of the U.S. dollar and increasing demands in Asia, as well as unforeseen circumstances such as the partial shutdown of one maleic anhydride supplier, have all had a significant impact on U.S. manufacturers,” Colonna said. “In spite of these challenges, CCP stands by its commitment to long term growth of the composites industry.

“We continue to support our commitment by anticipating and providing for our customers' needs, and through scrupulous attention to our own internal resources, specifically R&D, production efficiencies, and technical services.”

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