CyberAds, Inc. acquires XBoard distribution rights

RENO, Nev. - CyberAds, Inc. has acquired the North American distribution rights for XBoard, a jet surfboard that operates like a Jet Ski and behaves like a surfboard, reported Aqua Xtremes Inc., a subsidiary of Nova Communications Ltd., in a recent release.

CyberAds and its CyberNetworks sales and marketing division will focus on expanding the distribution and dealer network in the USA, Canada and Mexico as part of a 10-year exclusive agreement, which also includes an option for the international distribution rights.

"This agreement allows Aqua Xtremes to focus our resources and energy on the design, engineering and manufacturing of XBoard," said Art Robins, CEO of Nova Communications Ltd. and Aqua Xtremes Inc. "We are extremely confident that the management team at CyberAds will be successful at bringing this product to market throughout North America. This agreement allows both companies to do what we do best -- it is an ideal partnership, and in addition it establishes a cap on our cost of sales."

"This agreement is the culmination of a working relationship that started when we were chosen by Aqua Xtremes to integrate their web site," said Walt Tatum, CEO of CyberAds. "What we witnessed in our close-up look at XBoard is that consumers, distributors, and dealers share a strong affinity to the product. It appeals to the X/Y generation and is destined to invigorate the water sports industry."

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