Higher Advertising launches new Web site

ORLANDO, Fla. – Marine marketing, advertising and public relations firm Higher Advertising, Inc., has created a new corporate Web site at www.higheradvertising.com that profiles the agency and showcases its capabilities, the company said in a recent statement.

The site was developed with Flash-based programming throughout and features navigation buttons that include information on the agency’s background, location, corporate philosophy and an array of marketing samples. The samples include print pieces, collateral material, logos and Web sites designed, and public relations campaigns/case studies spanning multiple industries.

“Our new Web site is a unique platform utilizing a viewer-friendly design and is loaded with important information concerning our company,” said agency President Mike Krutzler. “This new Web site is the ideal place for prospective clients to learn more about our many capabilities, while allowing us to showcase the scale of high-end work we have accomplished for our current clients.”

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