Aqua Xtremes receives $2 million in orders for XBoards

TORRANCE, Calif. – Aqua Xtremes, Inc., the majority-owned subsidiary of Nova Communications Ltd., has received 240 additional orders for its XBoard – the jet-powered watercraft shaped like a surfboard but powered by a jet-propelled engine – and said in a release today that there are now 625 XBoards on order with a retail value of approximately $5 million.

The orders came from Greg Hoggatt in Pensacola, Fla., On Deck Watercraft in Wisconsin, Joe McHaney in Texas, and Jerry Tacket from Orlando, Fla. – along with increased orders from distributors in Houston, St. Louis, and Lake of the Ozarks, Nova Communications said.

Aqua Extremes plans to begin fulfilling orders in early 2005.

"These orders for 240 XBoards reflect the continued demand that is building up in the personal watercraft industry,” Nova Communications CEO Ken Owen said. “We have received over 200 inquiries in the past few weeks alone from potential investors, distributors, and dealers who are anxious to get on board and join the exciting launch of XBoard."

Aqua Xtremes Inc. – a four-year-old Nevada corporate entity – said it believes the XBoard will do for the watercraft industry what snow boards did for the snow skiing industry, invigorating the young adult who is looking for a better experience while on lake, river, or ocean.

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