Centek manager to address METS seminar

THOMASVILLE, Ga. – Tony Watson of Centek Industries will address an international audience about effectively managing environmental issues at the METS Marina Seminar, to be held in conjunction with the Marine Equipment Trade Show, Nov. 17, in Amsterdam, Centek said in a release Friday.

Watson, the environmental products manager for Centek – a company that designs and manufactures marine wet exhaust systems, is one of eight industry experts who will present at the seminar, which focuses on successful marina management and current issues.

Watson will stress that, although environmental water protection is the responsibility of many different parties, these groups all come together in a marina. As a result, Watson believes it is important for marina operators to be proactive.

"Keeping our boating waterways and facilities clean is essential to the long-term health of our industry," he said.

He will explain how marinas can take small steps in managing their environment before big regulations are imposed. Using Centek's MYCELX products, he will then illustrate examples of a proactive approach.

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