Boating World magazine unveils

ATLANTA – Boating World magazine has launched, a Web site development tool for marine dealers and manufacturers that allows users to develop, publish and manage high-quality sites, the publication said in a recent release.

“A poorly designed site can leave a poor impression with potential customers who have come to expect not just information, but a graphically enriched experience,” said Project Director Mark Henneges. “Up until this point, marine professionals were often burdened with the choice between spending thousands to obtain a quality site, utilizing antiqued site builders or spending hours struggling with advanced software programs.” allows users to choose from a wide variety of Flash-enhanced templates and introductions, then customize their site by uploading their own images or choosing advanced templates.

Additional features include a message board, events calendar, product showcase, photo album, password protected pages, e-mail, e-commerce shopping cart and their own URL address.

Site owners can retrieve information provided by traffic reports that may help expand their market reach in the future, according to the company. These reports detail the pages viewed, the number of visitors to the site and even the locations from which they are visiting. The data can also tell owners how effective they were with their media efforts, Boating World reported.

“Each user is not just a customer but a marketing partner who receives our assistance when building their site, optimizing their keywords and analyzing their traffic reports,” said Henneges. “They can also use these reports to analyze traditional media effectiveness, establish visitor habits and even basic demographics.”

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