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LAKE FOREST, Ill. –, Inc. ( has formed a new partnership with SalvageSale, Inc. ( to deliver a turnkey solution for the disposition of damaged yachts and pleasure craft, it reported in a statement yesterday.

Targeted to areas of Florida affected by this intense hurricane season, the partnership was developed to fill the need for experienced, safe and professional salvage services, the company said. The service offers a single-source solution for the recovery, preservation and sale of damaged yachts and pleasure craft and is available to individual boat owners as well as marine and insurance industry professionals.

“In times like these, people need to make quick decisions and don’t have the time and resources to perform the due diligence they normally would,” said Paul Rabe, president, CEO and co-founder,, Inc. “The salvage business has a reputation for being a bit predatory, but by teaming with SalvageSale, we’re delivering a professional solution that people can choose with confidence. More importantly, since it is a turnkey solution, it frees the boat owners up to deal with other, more pressing, recovery or personal matters.”

“Most boaters are not familiar with salvage services and during a catastrophe situation, it is prudent for boat owners to quickly identify well-established, professional marine salvage operators,” said Dan Parsley, chairman and CEO of SalvageSale, Inc. “At SalvageSale, we offer boat owners convenience, service and results. We take care of the details by providing comprehensive services ranging from retrieval, towing, storage, preserving to auction. But most importantly, our industry experience produces higher recoveries than local disposition methods. Why take one local bid when SalvageSale is averaging over 100 bids per auction?”

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