Walker Bay launches new Web site

UNION GAP, Wash. – Walker Bay Boats Inc. has launched a new Web site that it said will support its growth by giving customers, media and distributors access to critical information, the company said in a statement today.

“We wanted a place where people could find out all the details about every boat, every option and then build an ongoing relationship that brings people back and creates a sense of community,” said Andrew Taylor, president of Walker Bay Boats.

The www.walkerbay.com Web site was designed to give users information about the company, construction, products, performance, awards, reviews and where to buy. Each area has layers of information, enhanced by the use of graphics and icons, the company said.

Users can also design their own boats by selecting hulls, color schemes, tubes, sail kits and view a 3-D rendering which can then be printed out as a spec sheet and taken to a dealer for special order.

Customers are able to get assembly instruction, owner manuals, replacement parts, warranty information and sign up for registrations online in the Customer Service section. Accessories and replacement parts can be purchased online or ordered by phone.

“We have created a central source for our customers to access information on our boats, available to them at any time and which also enables us to stay in touch and reward our loyal customers,” said Michael Carroll, marketing manager for Walker Bay Boats.

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