Cobalt creates dealer-friendly agreement

OAK PARK, Ill. – The Marine Retailers Association of America released a statement this morning publicly congratulating Cobalt Boats for what it called “one of the most dealer friendly agreements ever created between a boat manufacturer and a dealer.”

“Typically, dealer agreements have been heavily slanted in favor of the manufacturer, but the Cobalt Boats dealer agreement is unusually fair to both parties,” said Phil Keeter, MRAA president. “It is evident that Cobalt Boats did their homework on their dealer agreement.”

Cobalt’s new dealer agreement, which will be in place for the 2005 season, addresses a number of areas of importance for the company and it’s dealer network. Dealers are being offered exclusivity in a protected territory, multi-year arrangements and clear guidelines on succession of the business, MRAA said.

“The Cobalt dealer agreement is evidence that Cobalt Boats is demonstrating the fact that their dealers play a very pivotal role in their success and has moved to strengthen that relationship,” said Glenn Mazzella, MRAA vice chairman, who is a Cobalt dealer in New York. “I applaud their efforts.”

The MRAA concluded its release by challenging other boat manufacturers to “create fair dealer agreements” like Cobalt’s.

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