Crystal-Pierz Marine tops its St. Paul Boat Show record

CRYSTAL, Minn. – Crystal-Pierz Marine sold 151 boats for nearly $3 million in revenue at the St. Paul Boat Show this past weekend, breaking its previous record of 123 boats sold at the show last year, the company said in a press release yesterday.

The success in St. Paul comes shortly after another record-breaking run at the 2004 Minneapolis Boat Show, where Crystal-Pierz Marine came away with an all-time record of 359 boats sold for an estimated $7.7 million in revenue.

“I think the numbers reflect the strong and constant team effort at Crystal-Pierz Marine,” said Luke Kujawa, vice president of Crystal-Pierz Marine. “From our manufacturers and vendors to our sales staff and management- our hard work continues to pay off.”

“I can’t say I’m surprised,” Irwin Jacobs, chairman of Genmar Holdings, Inc., said. “These days, Crystal-Pierz Marine is breaking records left and right. They set a standard in this industry with outstanding leadership in sales and customer satisfaction.”

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