Outboard Marine Corporation Foundation selects recipient of $250,000 grant

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The Center for Environmental Education and Research, Inc. said Monday that is had received a marine industry grant in the amount of $250,000 from the Outboard Marine Corporation Foundation’s Board of Directors, and will use the money to fund the continuing development of www.Boater101.com, the center’s online e-Learning Web site.

In the official grant notice from Kimberly Bors, OMC Foundation chairperson, CEERI was congratulated “for demonstrating a commitment to educating the next generation of boater.”

CEERI, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote boating, water safety, environmental awareness, and marine careers to the public through educational programming, will be establishing a permanent legacy acknowledging the former employees of the OMC and keeping the organization in the forefront of boating education, the release said.

CEERI president Susan Engle expressed gratitude for the support of the OMC Foundation, saying, “CEERI’s plans for nationwide exposure of the Boater101 program can grow to the next level thanks to this generous grant. We are excited to put our plan into action.”

The CEERI release said the grant will be used to provide a program that meets curriculum standards in all interested U.S. states, a proactive marine industry response to mandatory, state-required boating safety education. The center’s focus will be the inclusion of the Boater101 Program in school systems nationwide.

Plans for expansion of the Boater101 web site include the addition of features focusing on marine industry careers; an interactive yachting crewmember journal from ships in domestic and foreign waters; environmental issues; resources for graduates of the Boater101 safety course and the involvement of boat manufacturers and dealers in community outreach efforts.

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