PowerSki enters joint venture to build electric Jetboards

TORRANCE, Calif. – PowerSki International has secured a joint venture with Global Electric of Whistler Investments, Inc. (OTCBB:WHSL) to create another model of the PowerSki Jetboard, powered with a Lithium-ion electric motor, reported Nova Communications Ltd. (OTCBB:NCVM) in a statement today.

Nova Communications recently announced that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to close a merger with PowerSki International, the designer and manufacturer of the patented PowerSki Jetboard.

Initial lithium-ion powered prototypes will be developed in Q1 of 2004 and subsequent models have been slated for Q3-Q4 of 2004, according to Nova.

“It has always been our plan to build a futuristic PowerSki Jetboard that was smaller, lighter, quieter, and cleaner than any other watercraft on the market,” said Bob Montgomery, CEO of PowerSki. “Offering electric power is a perfect transition for PowerSki International Corp. If we can meet our design goals by utilizing the lithium-ion technology of Global Electric, we can expand our sales to include areas with strict emission standards, such as California. We could possibly increase our sales by 40 percent with the inclusion of clean electric power.”

PowerSki International is the developer and manufacturer of the patented PowerSki Jetboard and patented SupertorqueXT marine engine. PowerSki International has distributors in 36 countries around the world and over 35 dealerships set up in the United States.

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