Trinity Yachts receives $700,000 state grant

NEW ORLEANS, La. – The Louisiana Economic Development Corporation awarded a $700,000 grant to the Port of New Orleans for infrastructure improvements that will help expand the New Orleans-based yacht manufacturer Trinity Yachts, Development Counsellors International reported in a statement yesterday.

Trinity Yachts will contribute the remaining funds needed to meet a $1.4-million expansion plan, adding 90 new jobs over the next two years at an average salary of more than $32,000 per year, according to the company.

This project is expected to not only stimulate job growth in the New Orleans area but also give the state of Louisiana the opportunity to repair its publicly owned port, which is in need of substantial infrastructure improvements, Development Counsellors International stated.

The grant and expansion was made possible by developers and government leaders on both the state and local level.

Development Counsellors International works with cities, regions, states and countries to help them attract investors and visitors.

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