New marine service firm plans to go nationwide

MIAMI, Fla. – Tom Godart has plans to take his new marine service business, Nuts & Boats, nationwide, the Miami Herald reported in a recent article.

The company, launched in April, is designed to offer maintenance, cleaning and repairs for the recreational boater under one roof, the newspaper stated.

For a monthly fee that can range from $150 to $1,000 or more, boat owners will be able to take advantage of any combination of the services, Godart told the newspaper. Customers most likely to benefit from the services are ones with boats in the range of 35-80 feet, according to the article.

Industry dominated by mom-and-pops

Godart’s plan for the business came after his research showed an industry dominated by mom-and-pop businesses that had a lot of backup or only offered one or two specialties. What Godard figured is that he could create a business that offered quicker service and would subcontract out the specialties, stated the newspaper.

“There hadn’t been a large company to professionalize the industry,” Godart told the Herald.

Godart and his partners have raised about $500,000 to date from investors, he told the newspaper.

Currently, Nuts & Boats has 12 employees and Godart plans to keep expanding his business, the paper stated. Nuts & Boats also plans franchises, so boaters can go into any port and know what kind of quality service to expect, Gemmill told the newspaper.

“I think he’s filling a need for the absentee owner,” said Patience Cohn, marina manager for Sun Resorts International of Godart.

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