Secured Marine Trust to launch online business application

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Secured Marine Trust (SMT), a marine financial services company, is launching a new online business application that accurately and securely expedites the entire transaction process for yacht and boat sales, the company reported yesterday.

Created for yacht brokers and boat dealers, marine manufacturers, marine lenders, floor plan providers, and insurance agents, the electronic document and data management tool provides a full range of services that will streamline the process, resulting in real-time labor and cost savings and increased profits, the company stated.

Subscribers to the SMT system operate within a secure environment where the privacy of their data is assured as it works to support each detail toward the closing of a sale, said the company.

“The marine transaction process can be quite fragmented and highly repetitive, resulting in increased labor costs,” said Secured Marine Trust CEO Jeff Turner. “Our application is the first of its kind in the marine industry and will provide a unifying technology conduit for all who are making essential contributions to the closing of a yacht transaction. Brokers, marine lenders and manufacturers will be able to interact more efficiently through our online application, which will result in greater customer satisfaction and increased profits,” said Secured Marine Trust CEO Jeff Turner.

The SMT systems features are said to include: enhanced efficiency for brokers and dealers, reducing the cost per transaction and improving margins on each sale; security for lenders in marine loan initiation, preparation and closing: real-time data for all new and used boats sold through the SMT system; supporting customer tracking; management of warranty issues and expenses; and floor plan providers that can access current inventory data, according to the company.

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