Results from ABBRA 2010 Wage Rate Survey available

WARREN, R.I. — Results from the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association 2010 Wage Rate Survey are now available, according to a recent release from the organization.

The survey results are generated from input from ABBRA members and other members of the marina and boatyard industry. The results allow employers to gauge whether they are competitive in the employment market and allow employees and independent contractors to determine whether they are receiving reasonable compensation for their work.

“The Wage Rate Survey is a particularly important resource in today’s economy,” said Doug Domenie, president of ABBRA, in the release. “Many employers may be considering whether or not they have to cut jobs or salaries in the future. The survey is an accurate depiction of real salaries and benefits, and helps the industry’s workforce to maintain consistency and high standards.”

With the Wage Rate Survey, ABBRA members can compare their employees’ salaries to others in the same region and nationwide. It contains data about hourly wages, average vacation time, benefits and pension plans across a range of job categories, such as general manager, technician, store manager, rigger, dockhand and bookkeeper.

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