United States Yacht Shows launches Cruisers University

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The United States Yacht Shows Inc. will hold the first annual Cruisers University on May 12-15 at the Baltimore Inner Harbor Marine Center, according to a recent release from the company.

The program will include instruction in long-range cruising taught by professors from accredited institutions, including the Annapolis School of Seamanship. Students will participate in demonstrations of equipment and system and take selected boats out for sea trials during the extended weekend.

Available classes range from general cruising topics, such as Crossing the Gulf Stream, Proper Provisioning, and Cruising with Children, to master certification courses in diesel maintenance, weather forecasting, and a comprehensive educational package called the Seamanship Series.

The event’s structure allows participants to choose from three programs, with tuitions ranging from $450 for the four-day Masters Certification Program or the Seamanship Series, to $160 for the one-day Introduction to Cruising Package. Evening social events featuring music, cocktails and a keynote speaker are available for an additional fee. Attendees can view over 150 sail and power cruising boats and 100 boating equipment exhibits for a daily admission fee of $15.

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