ARI, Channel Blade merge under one label

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — ARI, a provider of technology-enabled solutions that help dealers, distributors, and manufacturers maximize profitability, reports that its Channel Blade product line will now be marketed under the ARI brand.

ARI acquired Channel Blade Technologies, Inc. in April 2009.

Roy Oliver, president and chief executive officer of ARI, commented in a press release, “Both Channel Blade and ARI have great product loyalty and are recognized as leaders in their respective industries for providing customers with results?driven, technology?enabled solutions. By aligning both names under one, we will be able to present a unified brand to all our customers and strengthen our product offerings and customer service across the power sports, outdoor power, marine, RV and other equipment markets we serve.”

ARI provides ecommerce solutions, including PartSmart, WebsiteSmart, and SearchEngineSmart in the outdoor power and power sports industries. Channel Blade provides lead management and marketing automation solutions, including eXcelerate Pro, Lead Storm, Footsteps and Footsteps Mobile in the marine and recreation vehicle industries.

ARI says its acquisition of Channel Blade generated more than $3.8 million in revenue for ARI during the 2010 fiscal year.

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