EPA again delays decision on E15 gasoline

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday it will delay a decision on whether allow ethanol gasoline blends of up to 15 percent until the fall, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere. The delay is the second since the EPA was petitioned about a year ago to push the limit up.

Lifting the cap to allow a 15 percent ethanol blend is supported by ethanol producers and corn farmers, but marine groups such as the National Marine Manufacturers Association contend no decision should be made on E15 until all independent scientific studies confirm that it is compatible with both on-road and non-road engines.

After the last delay, BoatU.S. Vice President of Government Affairs Margaret Podlich voiced concerns that the EPA was focusing on cars and ignoring potential damage to other types of engines.

“Focusing on automobiles leaves out millions of other gas-powered engines,” Podlich said. “If you own a lawn mower, chain saw, all-terrain vehicle, generator, or boat, I would be very concerned over the costs to repair or replace those items after using higher levels of ethanol gas.”

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