Four Lake Lanier ramps to reopen

GAINESVILLE, Ga. - Commissioners in Georgia’s Hall County have given the go-ahead to repair and reopen four closed boat ramps on Lake Lanier, reported in a story on its Web site yesterday.

Commissioners approved a maximum of $110,000 to extend the ramps at Balus Creek, Mountain View, Sardis Creek and Dunlap’s Landing.

Public Works Director Ken Reardon said a Corps of Engineer ranger told him to extend ramps with pre-cast concrete; gravel won’t work, according to the story.

“They had experience with that last year,” Reardon said. “They attempted to open some of these ramps with gravel and one of their rangers said the average life of that gravel was about three days.”

Reardon also told commissioners the Corps was receptive to the county taking over some lakeside parks and boat ramps and re-opening them.

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