RBFF offers coupon for Father’s Day

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation is offering Anglers’ Legacy Ambassadors a Father’s Day Coupon to encourage participation in recreational boating and fishing for the upcoming holiday, RBFF reported in a press release this week.

This coupon is a reminder to outdoor enthusiasts to share these activities with loved ones and newcomers, and RBFF said angling dads can also use it as a way to tell someone how they really want to celebrate the holiday – on the water.

“Father’s Day is a great opportunity to pass on the legacy of the sport to the next generation of boaters and anglers,” said Frank Peterson, RBFF president and CEO. “Many anglers today learned to fish from their fathers. This is an opportunity for those anglers to do the same with the next generation. And as we introduce newcomers to boating and fishing, we help preserve our waterways and generate funds for conservation.”

RBFF also said it would be adding a social networking element for its Ambassadors and online visitors in the months ahead.

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