Grow Boating report highlights successes

CHICAGO – In its annual report, Grow Boating Inc.’s leadership suggested the initiative is working, despite challenging macro-economic headwinds

“… with the strength of Grow Boating at our backs, we can feel confident that when the economy rebounds and consumer confidence is restored, more people than ever will turn to boating for recreation,” wrote Thom Dammrich and Scott Deal, president and chairman, respectively, of Grow Boating.

While they acknowledged that new boat sales were down significantly in 2007, they pointed out that boating participation has actually increased since the launch of the Grow Boating Initiative just two years ago, suggesting it is evidence that “Grow Boating is having an impact.

“This increase bucks the trend plaguing most outdoor activities, for which participation declined during the same time period,” they wrote.

Dammrich and Deal also stated that Product and Dealership Certification, Water Access, and the Discover Boating integrated marketing campaign made significant strides in 2007.

“We’re improving the overall boating experience through the expansion of our certification programs and by building the necessary tools to protect dwindling water access points and foster growth of new ones. And, we’re promoting the boating lifestyle through our increased investment in marketing to attract first-time boat buyers.”

While not all new participants purchase a boat, the group’s research suggests that more people today are considering buying one than ever before. In addition, Discover Boating awareness jumped to 36 percent in Fiscal Year 2007, which compares favorably to the 22 percent overall consumer awareness documented for the Go RVing campaign after its first two years, the duo reported.

“Consumers who have seen Discover Boating advertisements state they are four percent more likely to participate in boating and six percent more likely to buy a boat, compared to individuals who have not seen the ads,” they wrote. “And, probably the most impressive statistic uncovered in 2007, is that 14 percent of people who requested a free Get Started in Boating DVD in 2006 have already purchased a boat.”

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