Boating participation continues to grow

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. – For several years in a row, participation in power boating has increased, and 2007 was no exception. The activity experienced an 8.9-percent increase last year to 31.9 million participants, compared to 2006, becoming the No. 10 participation activity surveyed by the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA).

That’s according to data contained in NSGA’s annual “Sports Participation – Series I and II” reports, released this month. The data also suggested that power boating was the fourth fastest growing sport NSGA tracks through its study, with only tennis, scooter riding and target shooting growing faster.

Fishing, which slipped to the No. 7 position, attracted 35.3 million participants, down 13 percent from 2006.

For this survey, a participant is someone age seven or older who takes part in the sport or activity more than once in a calendar year. “Sports Participation in 2007 – Series I and II” cover 47 sports, recreation and fitness activities. Participation rates for all 47 sports surveyed may be viewed on the NSGA website (

These reports, published by NSGA for nearly 30 years, provide data on total 2007 participation, frequency of participation, and average number of participation days.

In addition to Series I and II, state-by-state data will be available in “Sports Participation in 2007: State-By-State.” This report covers 33 sports and activities, and provides data on total participation, frequency of participation and total participation days, according to the association.

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