ABYC introduces new look for certification

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The American Boat & Yacht Council is working to achieve a new look and feel to its international marine technical workforce certification program and, in support of that, has developed a comprehensive set of marketing materials that highlight and promote ABYC Certified and Master Certified Technicians, ABYC reported in a release yesterday.

In addition to redesigned logos, this package now includes promotional materials that display ABYC credentials and a commitment to excellence for all levels of employees from the shop floor through management, Those that pass an ABYC certification will continue to receive a certification certificate, suitable for framing that recognizes their achievement, as well as newly designed patches that can be worn on shirts and jackets. However, as a member benefit, additional new materials that reflect the new chevron design system are available for purchase and include:

  • Display signage for the company to include cling decals for doors and windows
  • Vehicle adhesives for cars or trucks
  • Shop signs and banners to hang in the show room or shop floor.
  • These products are now available for purchase in the online ABYC Ship’s Store. Electronic versions of the logos that can be used on Web sites, business cards and other business forms are also available.

    “ABYC technical workforce certifications are currently the only third party accredited technical certifications offered in the recreational boat and yacht industry,” said Skip Burdon, ABYC president. “We believe that it is vital not only to increase the awareness and recognition of ABYC, but also to provide our certified professionals with materials that are appealing, easy to use and let their customers know the meaning, value and importance of having an ABYC certified technician on the worksite. Showcasing ABYC certified professionals gives customers an added sense of confidence in the work being performed and helps drive customer recognition of ABYC, expectations and ultimately their satisfaction. They also have a service differentiator‚ for all organizations that incorporate ABYC into they training and education programs.”

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