Former Yamaha execs start marketing company

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – Vantage Strategic Marketing, a company formed by two Yamaha Motor Corp., USA marketing executives, has opened its doors to provide boat, outboard, rigging, and related marine recreational companies the tools to upgrade their products and services, the company reported in a recent release.

Andrew Bossenmeyer, Vantage president, began marketing in the service industry with Weight Watchers International, Inc. then went to the event service industry with Ogden Facilities Management, before moving to the motorsports industry with Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, as a customer service supervisor, publications supervisor and marketing director for parts and accessories.

Rit Lefrancois, the other Vantage principal, established himself in the field of market research with Opinion Research of California. He then went into the motorsports industry, working for Kawasaki Motors, USA and Yamaha Motor Corp., USA as a product planner, marketing director, and parts and accessories manager.

“Many companies want to market their products and services but either do not have the luxury of an in-house marketing staff or feel overwhelmed by the complexities of what will be involved,“ said Andrew Bossenmeyer, Vantage president. “We take the mystery out of marketing, we break it down to its simplest terms, and bring the convenience of an in-house agency that works with a company’s budget to get results.”

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