Taiwan yacht industry to hold FLIBS forum

MIAMI – To introduce and promote business competencies and opportunities for the Taiwan yacht industry, the Kaohsiung County government will be hosting “Taiwan Yacht Industry Competencies Forum—Business Opportunities in Kaohsiung County,” said forum organizers the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Taiwan Yacht Industry Associations in a statement Monday. The event will be held at 8:30 a.m. Oct. 27 in meeting rooms Mistral A & B, on the 2nd floor of the Renaissance Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. All interested industry professionals are invited to experience the enticing development opportunities for yachts with the registered participants.

Two guest speakers will be at the seminar. Jack Chen, TYIA chairman, will be giving a keynote speech on “Taiwan Yacht Industry Competencies and Future Trends.” Bennie Chu, Kaohsiung County’s economic development bureau director, will introduce “Development Plans for Twin Stars in Taiwan Yachts—Hsingda Yacht Industrial Park and Ocean Pearl Island.” Both ongoing development projects are designed to meet the expectations of yacht manufacturers worldwide.

Hsingda Yacht Industrial Park will be located on approximately 115 acres, 75 of which are assigned for manufacturing facilities. Two yacht manufacturing companies, Vitech Marine and Dyna Craf, have agreed to set up their plants within the yacht industrial park as well as eight other component suppliers. Joice Marine and Ta-Shing yacht productions are also assessing the park’s advantages to forecast the possibility of establishing their plants there. Manufacturers have already reserved half of the park’s land for site construction or evaluation. Parties who are interested are welcome to contact related agencies for additional information.

Ocean Pearl Island is a 590-acre development project, which development scheduled in four phases. Once the land is reclaimed, the construction will begin on a five-star hotel, cruise villa, golf course, water park, shopping center and other marine amenities. This project aims to tap future demands for world-class services and products and Kaohsiung County encourages international partnerships for the project with developers from around the world.

Showboats International ranked Taiwan as the 6th largest yacht constructing country in 2002, and later moved the country up one position to 5th in 2005, as Taiwan produced over $200 million in product, a 25.7 percent increase from the previous year. The publication predicts Taiwan’s 2006 production will exceed the United Kingdom’s, positioning Taiwan as the 4th largest yacht producer in the world.

In 2005, 235 yachts were exported from Taiwan with an average price of $920,000. In comparison to 2004, sales prices increased 24 percent. Other highlights include continuous developments in quality, added values, production efficiency, competitive advantages and its potential for larger luxury cruise line productions.

After the completion of Hsingda Yacht Industrial Park and the Ocean Pearl Island, Taiwan anticipates being one of the top three yacht production countries.

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