IMI’s marine service managers course to provide better time allocation

WARREN, R.I. – The International Marina Institute, an Association of Marina Industries subsidiary, has reorganized its popular marine service managers program to start during the weekend, IMI said in a statement yesterday. The decision was based on the institute’s desire to minimize attendees’ time away from their work facilities. The next MSM course is scheduled for September 9-12, 2006, in West Palm Beach, Fla.

The MSM course, which IMI produces jointly with the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association, will end on a Tuesday afternoon instead of a Thursday.

“It makes sense for IMI and ABBRA to provide this training on these dates,” said Jonathan Jones, ABBRA board of directors president. “Even though this course is important, it can be difficult to get away when there’s work to do. We’re still offering the same 35 hours of training, but in this setup, attendees can be back at the yard the beginning of the week rather than later in the week.”

The MSM course includes pointers in such non-technical topics as human-resource development, financial controls, customer relations, codes and standards, and marketing and sales. The program is designed specifically for marina-service and repair managers. Since 1999, the course has trained 75 participants and partially fulfills the educational requirements leading to ABBRA’s marine service manager certification.

Class fees, including lodging, breakfasts, lunches, and all course materials, are $1,995 for ABBRA and AMI members, and $2,295 for non-members.

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