Yamaha Marine Group integrates rigging and parts biz

KENNESAW, Ga. – Yamaha Marine Group has created a new parts and rigging department to help refocus its thinking, it reported in a recent statement.

“Our Marine Rigging and Parts team will be able to better focus on the entire marine power system,” said Ben Speciale, Yamaha Marine Group vice president, Operations and Planning. “At the same time, we have moved key Marine Rigging and Parts positions (formerly within Yamaha’s separate parts business) inside the Yamaha Marine Group. That integration will have our whole organization thinking about the entire power system. By taking this marine power systems approach, these changes will lead us to better customer satisfaction.”

Yamaha has promoted Ted Zahorski to manager of its new Marine Rigging and Parts Operations Department.

The company has also formed the Marine Rigging and Parts Business Planning Department to lead the business and product planning process based on a market-driven strategy. Yamaha has promoted Randy Mercer to Marine Rigging and Parts Product/Business Planning Department manager and Greg Matson to assistant product manager.

In addition, the company will integrate Marine Rigging and Parts Marketing within the Marine Marketing Team under Dale Barnes, Marine Marketing division manager. Marine Rigging and Parts Sales will become part of the Marine Sales Team under Tim Fernandez, general manager Outboard Sales.

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