Boating magazine wins 16 BWI awards

LOS ANGELES - Nine Boating magazine writers claimed 16 awards at the 2005 Boating Writers International annual meeting during the Miami International Boat Show last week, the publication reported in a recent release.

With six first place wins, Boating won more awards than any other publication in the marine category.

A total of 628 entries were submitted for judging in 14 categories. Recipients were honored with cash prizes totaling $14,000.

Boating accepted the following honors:
First Place

  • David Seidman, Boating Columns, “Following Seas”
  • Jeff Hemmel, Boating Lifestyles, “Undercover Angel”
  • Rich Beattie, Boating Travel or Destinations, “Risky Business”
  • Pete McDonald, Boat/Engine Care or Maintenance, “You Did What?”
  • Lenny Rudow, Electronics, “Information Please”
  • David Seidman, Ethics/Environment, “Gas Pains”
  • Second Place

  • Kevin Falvey, Technical Writing, “Finding Mr. Smoothie”
  • Third Place

  • Lenny Rudow, Seamanship/Safety, “Boarding Party Do's and Don'ts”
  • Awards of Merit

  • Pete McDonald, Boating Columns, “Seamanship”
  • Daniel W. Long, Boating Columns, “Seamanship”
  • David Seidman, Boating Lifestyles, “Don't Pay More! Get More!”
  • Ted West, Ethics/Environment, “Boating CSI”
  • Joe Friedman, Seamanship/Safety, “Rock Around the Dock”
  • Joe Friedman, Technical Writing, “Weather or Not (Beating the Weather Service at its Own Game)”
  • Jeff Hemmel, Boat Tests, “Cabin Fever”
  • Lenny Rudow, Boat Tests, “Manifest Destiny”
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