MIEF launches marine employment Web site

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – The Marine Industries Education Foundation, a non-profit organization in West Palm Beach, Fla., has begun a new job placement Web site at www.mief.net to focus exclusively on jobs throughout all segments of the marine industry, MIEF said in a release today.

Marine businesses will be able to post open positions on the site, providing immediate access to a pool of qualified workers. Job postings are listed under 21 different categories and 1,600 marine employers are already registered. Prospective employees can register for job placement, create a resume and explore various career development options within the marine industry.

The service is free for marine businesses for the first year, and will always remain free to job seekers.

The Web site will also offer career counseling, mentoring, internships and continuing education opportunities. MIEF said it encourages marine industry members in all segments to link their business sites to the site, to further enhance the resources available to job seekers.

“One of the biggest problems the industry faces is finding qualified, experienced personnel,” said Tim Oenbrink MIEF president. “This new Web site is designed to help both employers and employees find the right match to further the growth of our industry and their careers. We encourage input from all segments of the marine industry. We’d like their suggestions to augment the job categories so that all segments of the industry are well represented.”

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