Unified Marine back in operation

NAPLES, Fla. – Naples-based Unified Marine, Inc. is now back in operation and shipping orders as usual after Hurricane Charley ripped through its Southwest Florida home. The Unified Marine warehouse sustained little damage and was fortunate to have power restored within days, the company said in a release yesterday.

Most Unified employees had only minor injuries and property damage, but one family was left in urgent need of assistance and support. The company’s product and OEM sales manager, Guy Fesender, and his family sustained massive damage to their Port Charlotte residence.

The family was home at the time of the destruction and was forced to split up and take shelter in the bathrooms as the roof lifted and then collapsed into the home while rain poured in. Their entire neighborhood was demolished, as was most of the surrounding area.

Unified Marine, Inc employees worked together to provide urgent assistance in the wake of the destruction and to clean up immediate dangers; however, the home is not habitable. A camper has been setup as a temporary shelter.

The Fesender family and Unified Marine said they greatly appreciate the outpouring of concern and support during this time of need from friends and family around the world. A Fesender Family Fund has been set up at www.seasense.com/charley.

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