NMMA to target show goers with boaters’ guide

CHICAGO, Ill. – The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is introducing a new marketing tool to enhance and extend the NMMA boat show experience for boating enthusiasts who attend their 19 consumer boat shows, the association reported in a statement today.

The Ultimate Boater’s Guide, a CD-ROM-based “boating library,” will be introduced at the New York National Boat Show, being held December 27, 2003 to January 4, 2004.

“The industry has requested [that NMMA] take new steps to market the industry,” said John Marcinek, NMMA director of Integrated Marketing, in an interview today. “In an electronic format, it is easier for our consumers to gain access to those resources.”

MultiView, a software services organization, is developing the Ultimate Boater’s Guide in cooperation with NMMA. The guide is an interactive boating resource that will include articles and short informational pieces that will help boaters gain access to a great amount of information about boating in their area as well as information on new products for their boats, according to NMMA.

Topics covered in the Guide include tips on how to boat, marine safety instruction, boat financing, navigation, boat maintenance and more.

Participating manufacturers’ info to be included

In addition to helpful articles, the guide will include manufacturers’ product literature and brochures. Users can view new products and information through their computer, and when they go online, they’ll receive automatic monthly updates from participating advertisers, including new articles and consumer-oriented information on boating issues from NMMA.

“This is a great marketing resource for boat, engine and accessory manufacturers,” said Marcinek. “By participating, they will reach tens of thousands of consumers who they can send monthly updates to on new products, pricing, information on new local dealers, and more. It is a great way to stay in touch with our boat show consumers throughout the year.”

MultiView is currently contacting NMMA members and its boat show exhibitors to participate in this new marketing program. The deadline for companies to advertise in the Ultimate Boater’s Guide is November 28.

Those interested in participating can contact Chris Hunter at (972) 582-7070.

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