‘Blue Mind’ author meets with Correct Craft team

Recently, the renowned author of Blue Mind, Wallace “J” Nichols, met with Correct Craft’s executive team and company presidents at their summer Business Leaders’ Summit. Nichols shared his impressive research regarding the benefits of being in, under, near or on water.

Nichol’s work is estimated to have impacted over a billion people, inspired millions to action, been featured in thousands of films, articles, and interviews, and helped launch hundreds of new organizations, businesses, and projects. The Correct Craft team was honored to hear directly from Nichols as he spent the evening with them on the last night of their summer Business Leaders’ Summit.

Correct Craft has a strong culture of “Making Life Better” and Nichols emphasis on the emotional, physical and mental benefits of being in, under, near or on water align well with the company’s values and culture. Nichols inspired the Correct Craft team with research and anecdotal evidence regarding how being on one of the company’s boats or at one of Correct Craft’s water parks is more than a business; it is making lives better in many ways.

Bill Yeargin, Correct Craft’s President and CEO stated, “Our team was very honored to have Dr. Nichols spend time with us this week at our Business Leaders’ Summit. “J” has positively impacted innumerable people through his research and stories and he had a positive impact on our team too.”

Yeargin added, “Correct Craft is widely known as a company what is “Making Life Better” through its philanthropy and global service work. However, equally important are the many ways we make people’s lives better through our business by getting them in, under, near or on water!”

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