2016 Best in Class: Best Industry Advocate

Best Industry Advocate

Bosun’s Marine
Mashpee, Mass.

Since the early days of Bosun’s Marine, founder Tim Leedham and his team have put an emphasis on industry involvement, community service and promoting the boating lifestyle.

Through a variety of outlets, Bosun’s has worked to improve the boating climate in its local Cape Cod communities.

Through the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce, Bosun’s Marine is extensively involved in sponsoring charity fund-raising events throughout the year. In 2015, Bosun’s was a sponsor of the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce Mashpee Family Clam Bake to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod and a sponsor of the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce New Seabury Golf Tournament to also raise money for the local Boys and Girls Club of Cape Cod. Bosun’s is also a sponsor of the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade.

mashpee-headquartersBosun’s also serves as incorporator of the local Boys and Girls Club, attending the major business meetings for the group and participating in developing the annual fund raising events. The dealership also makes substantial financial contributions to the organization.

Bosun’s is a special corporate member of the Save Popponesset Bay Association and Leedham serves as a special advisor to the Board of Trustees. Bosun’s also hosts the annual fund raising “Save Popponesset Bay” dinner, held every July.

“The purpose of the Association is to work in concert and support of the National Audubon Society, the [Massachusetts] Wild Life and Fisheries Department and the Mashpee Conservation Department to raise money for replenishing sand on Popponesset Spit, our local barrier beach which encompasses and protects Popponesset Bay,” says Leedham. “The sand is used for beach and dune replenishment, which provides nesting habitation for endangered Piping Plover birds, keeps the main channel of the bay dredged for helping the bay flush, and stay clean and to provide cleaner spawning areas for the local fisheries.”

Leedham has also been a voluntary, sitting member of the Town of Mashpee Waterways Commission for 12 years. The commission meets with local officials to help projects and budgets.

customer-wall“As a group we develop and present to the Board of Selectmen all the town-wide fresh and saltwater public access projects, develop and get approved at the state level for all in-town maintenance dredging projects, and help guide the Harbor Masters and Shellfish Constable’s projects and budgets,” Leedham says. “This has been and is a lot of work, but, as with projects for the Boys & Girls Club, is the least I can do to give back to the community that supported the initial incubation and growth of our businesses.”

And although not a member, Bosun’s supports the local Mashpee Yacht Club at its Mashpee Neck Marina and sponsors the yacht club’s annual fishing tournament at the marina. The popular family event raises funds for the Boys & Girls Club. In 2015, in conjunction with the Mashpee Yacht Club, Bosun’s was able to raise and provide the Boys and Girls Club with net proceeds of nearly $8,000 from the event.

Bosun’s is also a contributor to several other local events and organizations, including sponsoring Mashpee’s annual 4th of July fireworks, the local library, supporting injured veterans rehabilitation and other local fundraisers.

Within the industry, Bosun’s has helped promote the industry through membership and service in several trade associations.

Since 1989, Bosun’s has been a member of the Cape Cod Marine Trades Association, and Leedham has served as a director and vice president. Bosun’s Marine played a major role in establishing the Spring Cape Cod Boat Show on behalf of the association and its members, although the show died out during the recession.

As a member of the Massachusetts Marine Trades Association, Bosun’s Marine was among a small core of Massachusetts boat dealers who developed the Fall Boston In-Water Boat Show. Participation in this event also dropped off as the recession developed, leading to cancellation of first the in-water display and then eventually to the entire show.

In the midst of the recession, Bosun’s was a select group of dealers invited by the NMMA in 2009 to help organize a new, New England Boat Show after the NMMA purchased the New England Boat Show (the region’s largest, held in Boston) from a private promoter. Leedham and Bosun’s Director of Sales Steve Chase participate regularly in Advisory Board meetings and telephone discussions, helping the NMMA staff promote and run this “progressive, uniquely New England boat show.”

Bosun’s is also a member of the Marine Retailers Association of America, a Spader 20 group and advisory boards for several of its manufacturers.

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