Your phone video toolbox

This article is an extension of the story, “Social media that sells.”

The default video apps for the iPhone and Android are a great start for creating a video, but there are a few apps out there that make it even easier to make a compelling, professional-quality video right on your phone.


Hyperlapse IconHyperlapse – Free
The video app from the makers of Instagram makes time-lapse videos without a tripod, special camera or computer. The speedy videos are great for B-roll videos, fun videos of your marina on a busy day or other service process videos.


Steady IconSteady – $1.99
This app goes beyond the on-board camera application by tapping into your iOS device’s gyroscope. The result is super steady video even with significant bounces. Video created with this app would be ideal for an on the water shoot or an on-trailer tour of a boat.


Magisto IconMagisto – Free
This app does all the editing for you and allows for extra functionality to trim clips and put filters on your videos, as well as add music and sound effects. It’s a great option for businesses that want a little more power out of their free video editor.


YouTube IconYouTube – Free
Monitor your channel, upload videos and be ready to show off your boat videos at the drop of a hat.


Drive IconDrive – Free
If you’re shooting a lot of video, your phone’s memory is going to go fast. Upload those clips directly to the cloud to save on space and keep your videos safe – especially useful when working on the water!


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