What was the only state where marine spending increased in 2009?

By Mike Davin, online editor, Boating Industry magazine — This week, the National Marine Manufacturers Association released its 2009 Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract.

As expected, spending on new powerboats, outboard engines, trailers and aftermarket accessories was down almost everywhere. Arizona, which ranks 35th in terms of spending, took the largest hit, dropping almost 40 percent to $89.7 million in total expenditures.

Florida, which ranks 1st among all states, dropped 23 percent $1.2 billion. It was the only state to top $1 billion in 2009, with No. 2 state Texas dropping 14.5 percent to $906 million.

However, spending in one state — and only one state — increased in 2009. Can you guess which one?

Post your guesses in the comments section and I’ll reveal the answer next week.

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  1. Well, Washington D.C. did increase, but it doesn’t count because it isn’t officially a state. So I’ll give you partial credit for that. (If you meant Washington state, I’m afraid that was down 16 percent.)

    The only state to increase was actually Iowa, which jumped 3.5 percent $130 million (Ranked 29th).

    Check out the NMMA’s site if you want to delve further into the data.

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