Taking the Top 100 online

This year we have moved our Top 100 Dealers application entirely online, a change we hope makes life easier for you … and, frankly, us.

Let me give you an example of one way the new system will benefit our team and, in turn, benefit you.

One of the great things about the Top 100 is that it allows us to share benchmarking statistics from the elite group of dealers who make the list. In the past, however, compiling those statistics could be a nightmare. If you’ve seen a Top 100 application, you know how thick they are. And before we moved things online, they arrived in all kinds of different formats.

Suffice it to say, extracting the numbers from those apps took a long time, and in some ways it limited the amount of data we reported back to you.

This year, however, pulling those numbers can happen with a push of a button. That makes it much easier for us to look at trends and provide you information you can use.

Here’s another example.

The Top 100 provides us with so many best practices to write about, we can’t hope to fit them all into the special issue that is released after the Top 100 gala in November. So, throughout the year, we refer back to our notes and try to find other ways to share that information.

Months after we’ve finished the review process, you can find us sorting through applications looking for a particular piece of information we want to share. It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but the new system will allow us to do an electronic “find” to pull that type of data.

We hope these new abilities make the program even more valuable for our Top 100 Dealers, as well as the rest of our readers, who benefit from the best practices our Top 100 dealers share every year.

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