A Social Media Playbill: Who Are the Actors? Who Are the Producers? Who are You?

Who are these parsers of dialogue, weavers of conversation, commenters of the blogdom? They have titles, you know. They have responsibilities.

By Gary Druckenmiller, Jr., co-founder, TheOpenSea.com We all play in this world. Whether for marine or our day-to-day lives, social media, social marketing or whatever the hot term is this week … it is now on the same plane with talking on a phone, picking up milk and dropping off the kids.  Social media ubiquity has its grasp on us. But who is “us?” Who are these parsers of dialogue, weavers of conversation, commenters of the blogdom? They have titles, you know.  They have responsibilities. They are all of “us” acting in this social carnival in different ways, on our own terms, how we want. Let’s classify you, me and the rest of the cast.

Participant Channel

–        Creators – blog owners, video distributors/uploaders, rampant tweeters

–        Critics – blog commenters, video commenters, tweet followers

–        Joiners – social network profile owners, fans, general followers

–        Spectators – watch video, read blogs, voyeurs

Top Participants

Those participating in marine-based conversation range from knowledgeable yet small-time niche boat-builders and ma-and-pa retail shops all the way up to experienced social marketing professionals at major boat builders who are actively engaged across their sector of the marine landscape. There is also a sizable market of “newbies” or up and coming marine bloggers who are still discovering the social marketing world and transitioning from older technologies like forums.  Conversation can range from high-end to low-end, but usually hovers closer to high.

Supporter Channel

–        Corporate blogs

–        General group creators/moderators

–        Fan page owners/moderators

–        Niche social network developers

Top Supporters

Hardcore marine traditionalists and naturalists (Captains, Retired Coast Guard, Marine Business Owners) are by far the most staunch “supporters” in the social marine world.  Those who have seen it all and who have embedded and explicit knowledge of multiple quadrants of the boating populace can speak confidently and without reservation on numerous topics ranging from marine services to new products.  These are usually the ones you go to first for that un-biased perspective on what to do in a broad sense. Not topical.  hey are sometimes national, but often regional in their views and audiences.  High to mid-level conversion is found here.

Influencer Channel

–        Contributing blog writers

–        Online column writers/editors

–        Respected/followed tweeters

–        Professional group owners/moderators

–        Wire service editors

Top Influencers

The actual blog writers and more prolific tweeters will take on the lion’s share of influential conversations. Online tech writers and editors also have veto power when it comes to what is up and coming in the marine market. A significant amount of effort will need to be spent here in order to work the conversation appropriately with these very hard to reach individuals. They are highly topical in nature and in terms of what’s discussed. Low-level conversation. Hardest to be a part of for sure.

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