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The show is over. What now?

You just got back from a great show but despite your best efforts, some meetings with prospects didn’t lead to a sale – not so unusual, is it? You also realize that you didn’t see some potential buyers that you were sure would visit your booth over the weekend. Now what do you do to start or continue building a ...

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Get a jump on boat show follow-up

Bob McCann, Director of Education, ARI - We find that most new prospects who visit a dealer’s booth at a boat show for the first time aren’t ready to commit on the spot. In fact, most sales are closed with prospects that dealers have been working with for quite a while, even as far back as past shows. Boats are ...

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Why Shortcuts Ruin Results

By Dan Coughlin, The Dan Coughlin Co. - People are often categorized into groups by things like their gender, race, height, year of birth, and nationality. Then all sorts of assumptions are made about each person based on their combination of these labels. Those labels mean nothing to me. They don’t tell me anything about the individual because the individual ...

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5 tips for using QR codes

According to recent statistics, in the month of June, 14 million U.S. mobile phone users used their smart phones to scan QR or barcodes that were found in newspapers, magazines and product packages that could be found in a store or at their residence.

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Is American Express Your Competitor?

By Jeff Scherer, Lifestyle Integrated Inc. - When I started in marine marketing over 10 years ago, we preached the message that businesses should be less concerned with the dealership down the street, but more about the recreational activities (sporting events, vacations, etc) that all compete for that recreational spend. While there may be no argument that is still true, ...

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Cloning Customers with Customers – Part 2

By Jim Ackerman, President of Ascend Marketing - In our last column we suggested that the hit-and-miss approach to referral generation is costing you money and we gave you the reasons why referral selling is so wonderful, along with recommendations for how you can execute a more systematic approach to referral generation. In this column, we’re going to reveal and ...

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