Benefits of aligning with strategic partners

With more than 5,000 megayachts in the world today, it is more important than ever that our industry continues to deliver high-quality services and unprecedented guest experiences. Many reputable brands have formed powerful networks of experienced, determined individuals that support, promote and influence the nautical tourism industry as a whole, but this is just the tipping point. The superyacht industry is a global industry composed of many highly specialized small- and medium-sized firms. It can often be inefficient for smaller firms to reach their customers (and develop new customers) on a worldwide basis going at it alone.

Strategic partnerships allow quality firms to leverage each other’s strengths and domain expertise to more efficiently broaden their reach to customers and develop new consumer markets, while also forming friendships along the way. It’s the opposite of a zero-sum game approach. The industry is too specialized to be everything to everyone. These partnerships allow for the global export of needed services to superyachts no matter where they travel in the world.

Nearly 10 years ago, IGY raised the bar on what a marina destination should entail by introducing our Anchor Club Strategic Partners. This community of partners was created to enrich the marina network through like-minded businesses and professionals that mirror the goal of enhancing the superyacht experience for its customers. We are now proud to say we work with many respectable companies in our industry today, including National Marine Suppliers, Maritime Professional Training, AeroMD and ISS-GMT. Our team has found many benefits to joining forces with brands that share the same vision, all of which cater to our main target: our customers.

Enhancing your network and beyond

Expanding your global network through strategic partners yields tremendous benefits, including the ability to fully capitalize on your competitive advantages. This can ultimately lead to generated financial growth by creating a strong demand for brand association. Strength in numbers is a major factor here, as it allows you access to an even wider net, but still targeting the demographic you are looking to reach.

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience

I am proud to say that IGY boasts one of the world’s leading large-vessel support networks. which encompasses an array of services from provisioning to crew training, along with health and maritime travel. All of these elements are important to the overall experience, as safety and security continue to be a paramount concern on every travelers’ list. There is reassurance in knowing if a medical or environmental incident arises, your internal network of partners and employees can manage the situation.

Tom Mukamal serves as CEO of IGY Marinas. For more information on IGY Marinas or its collection of marina destinations, visit

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