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Don’t make ‘all I want to do is sell’ your mantra

It was an early morning meeting chaired by the SVP. There wasn’t any reason to anticipate fireworks this particular day so the atmosphere was, to say the least, rather relaxed. A sales manager was the last to arrive, whispering to the person next to him as he sat down, “All I want to do is sell.” The meaning was clear. ...

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Becoming the most effective salesperson


One seminar leader opened a workshop for property and casualty insurance agents by asking this question: “Why do people buy insurance?” After the participants offered a variety of responses, he says there’s only one right answer: “To take care of claims.” What seems rather intuitive to most consumers may not be quite so clear to insurance salespeople. How could they ...

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‘Boaterz n Bikerz’ combine for nationwide tour

I have two passions in life: Boating and motorcycling. I fell in love with boating as a teenager when my dad bought his first 19-foot wooden sailboat with a small trolling motor; we used to sail for hours all around the waterways of Northwest Florida. I had friends whose folks owned a ski boat, so when dad and I weren’t ...

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A prescription for success: How to Avoid Messing up Your Marketing

“Just remember,” my mother reminded me more than once, “You can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.” Perhaps not, but over the past 50 years, the marketing, advertising and public relations industry has been highly successful in doing just that. But no longer. At least that’s the view of Alex Bogusky, the former CP&B agency executive who had ...

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Response revs up revenue

Online prospects expect immediate access to accurate and helpful information designed to eliminate options – i.e., choose what they perceive as the right product and dealership for them. In this context, the first expectation is a prompt, relevant response. If you don’t jump on that lead, another dealer – often located less than a few clicks away on the Internet ...

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Boost your social media literacy

By Christopher Kourtakis, director of sales and marketing, 360° Industry Solutions — It is hard enough as a business owner to keep up with the day-to-day tasks of running your business.  Add in new sales and marketing practices and there is not enough time in the day to do everything.  Now, with digital profiles and social media, you need to ...

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Get a jump on boat show follow-up

Bob McCann, Director of Education, ARI - We find that most new prospects who visit a dealer’s booth at a boat show for the first time aren’t ready to commit on the spot. In fact, most sales are closed with prospects that dealers have been working with for quite a while, even as far back as past shows. Boats are ...

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Why Shortcuts Ruin Results

By Dan Coughlin, The Dan Coughlin Co. - People are often categorized into groups by things like their gender, race, height, year of birth, and nationality. Then all sorts of assumptions are made about each person based on their combination of these labels. Those labels mean nothing to me. They don’t tell me anything about the individual because the individual ...

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5 tips for using QR codes

According to recent statistics, in the month of June, 14 million U.S. mobile phone users used their smart phones to scan QR or barcodes that were found in newspapers, magazines and product packages that could be found in a store or at their residence.

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