Volvo Penta, Amer Yachts focus on sustainability at sea

Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System propulsion and Amer Yachts have joined forces to produce a new fuel-efficient, environmental yacht.

The Amer 94 twin is lighter than contemporary yachts and promotes the use of environmentally-friendly materials, Volvo Penta stated in a news release.

“Sustainability is important to our philosophy and we have been offering our contribution to the nautical industry for several years as we know that yacht-builders are important players in changing customers’ attitudes,” said Barbara Amerio, owner of Amer Yachts. “We nicknamed the yacht ‘innovation lab’ due to the many components, solutions and materials used for the first time on board.”

The new Amer 94 is the fourth model in Amer’s 94-foot series. The initial 2015 model, named “Save the Sea’, was the first European yacht of more than 90 feet to use Volvo Penta’s IPS propulsion – D13-IPS1200.

The new vessel is the first 94-foot yacht to be powered by twin Volvo Penta D13-IPS1350s.

“The new Amer 94 with twin D13-IPS1350 represents a natural evolution after we analyzed customers’ reaction to our use of IPS,” Amerio said. “We want to keep going forward, and the test to continually reduce fuel consumption and emissions is a challenge we set ourselves.”

A number of additional elements minimize the yacht’s weight, including the use of cork decking instead of teak, variable phase generators rather than traditional units, stabilizer fins instead of gyro-stabilizers, and light pantograph doors.

The new Amer 94 is up to 20 tons lighter than comparative-sized competitors’ yachts – the equivalent of three large elephants.

In addition, Amer has incorporated materials with a reduced impact to the environment in mind. These include airlite paint that reduces CO2 to purify air, high efficiency lithium batteries, eco-friendly submarine film instead of anti-fouling paint, a waste-water system for crew use, and a reduction of plastic components.

“We have spoken to a lot of experts and tested new materials, and checked each detail to choose items that are light and strong,” Amerio added. “When Volvo Penta launched the D13-IPS1350, it gave us the idea to use a twin installation for long displacement cruising, and the stability of the yacht at slower speeds is assured with Humphree stabilizer fins.”

With the D13-IPS1350, customers can travel fast when they want to and also cruise slowly and comfortably – all with exceptional fuel efficiency, said Nicola Pomi, vice president of sales in Europe at Volvo Penta.

“The Amer 94 has a longer cruising range, with less fuel required than other vessels with traditional inboard shaft installations,” Pomi said. “Overall, Volvo Penta and Amer Yachts continue to work towards ensuring excellence for customers as well as offering a positive impact on marine health.”

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