New product highlights from IBEX 2017

Exhibitors introduced an array of software, audio, electrical and exterior lighting products during the 2017 IBEX show in Tampa, Fla. This year’s show featured more than 600 companies. Vendors filled 123,435 square feet of exhibit space on three levels.

Several of the best products in 13 industry areas were honored at the IBEX Innovation Awards. Here’s a quick recap of some of the other top products on the show floor this year.

Aluna Systems Light Pole

Conventional removable stern lights work when they are new. But after a short time exposed to fresh or saltwater environments, the contacts corrode. The Aluna Light Pole replaces electrical contacts with a coupling that prevents corrosion. The removable light pole contains no electrical components; its LED light source is encapsulated in the plug base The Aluna Light Pole is inserted into a socket like traditional navigation lights. Light is projected into the pole and emitted from the other end.

Attwood Corporation Navigation Lights

Attwood Corporation’s LightArmor Fast Action Navigation Lights feature a flexible composite pole that bends and returns to original position when struck by low hanging obstacles. “Fast Action’s tough, yet flexible pole, enables boaters to maneuver in tight spots with confidence”, said Don Olsen, Atwood general marine accessories & Lighting product director. “The pole also features a glare-free black matte finish that complements hunting and fishing boat designs.” The Fast Action line features Attwood’s LightArmor LED light engine technology that meets global regulatory requirements, including ISO 19009:2015. The lights also have a threaded locking collar.

Gatorbak LLC Clear Bunk Covers

Gator​bak LLC’s synthetic bunk covers now come in a clear coat choice. Over the years, customers have asked the company to develop additional bunk cover color options. Premium Clear allows users to paint their bunks any custom color they choose and also allows optional LED lighting.

Clarion CM-Series Marine Speakers

Clarion announced its new extreme-performance CM-Series marine speakers and subwoofers with RGB illumination and its new multiple marine-grade digital media source system. Skimboarding champion and Clarion brand ambassador Austin Keen visited Clarion’s IBEX booth for on-site interviews, autographs and T-shirts giveaways. “The interiors of many modern boats are stylishly designed and lavishly appointed, much like a flagship luxury car. Similarly, boaters demand marine audio systems in their boats deliver functionality, features, and great audio quality like those found in premium cars,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, vice president of marketing and product planning. “Our new marine audio systems address this shift.” Clarion displayed a 2018 Robalo R302 with a 22-piece Clarion marine audio system that was integrated with the boat’s NMEA 2000 network.

SmartPlug Systems LLC Power Connector

SmartPlug’s power connector features a pin-and-clip design that is built to deliver more than 20 times the metal-to-metal contact. The plug’s integrated safety features provide protection against loose electrical connections and corrosion, the leading cause of power cord related fires. SmartPlug’s 16/32 amp 230V 30 amp 125V & 50 amp 125/250V products have been tested and are certified to meet or exceed all U.S., Canadian and EU standards.

Boat Track Cloud-Based Software

Boat Track’s newest product represents a software solution designed specifically for boatbuilders and dealers. The company now offers a cloud-based solution is sold on a monthly subscription. The application is designed to eliminate the need for expensive on-site software licenses, servers and networking, and provide secure automated backups, reducing capital expenditure on technology infrastructure.

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