VIDEO: Honda demos new engines at Lake Lanier media event

Honda Marine showed off its latest products at a media event on Georgia’s Lake Lanier Monday.

New this year were the three four-stroke outboards, the new BF4 (4 hp) and BF6 (6 hp) 4-stroke outboards, along with a redesigned BF5 (5 hp) model. The engines made their public debut at the Newport Boat Show.

Honda emphasized the convenience and ease of use of the new engines. That’s a reflection of what consumers are looking for, said Dennis Ashley, senior OEM sales manager for Honda Marine.

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The engines are designed to be portable, weighing about 60 pounds each and featuring a new handle design, while the tiller handle folds out of the way for easier storage.

“Comfort features” include a decompression mechanism for easier start, a one-push stop switch that stops the engine with no chance of restart and rubber motor mounts that reduce vibration.

“The customers told us that smaller engines vibrate (too much),” Ashley said. “The engine is isolated from the handle, which makes it a lot more smooth.”

According to Honda testing, the engines can run for more than 40 minutes wide open on their internal fuel tank. The BF5 and BF6 can also be connected to an external tank.

The starting MSRP is $1,875 for the BF4,  $2,025 for the BF5 and $2,150 for the BF6.

See more on the features of the new engines in the below video or click here to view it.

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