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Your wife called, she said this ad is exclusionary

Two weeks ago while driving through my suburb of Minneapolis, I passed the local bicycle shop. I’ve spent money there before, mostly tuning up a Trek bike I’ve had for 8.5 years, and I am signed up to be notified about their ride events (someday I will have a free weekend and attend). As I looked at the marquee, I ...

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Fly fishing for women

I love when someone uses their passion for an industry to fulfill a gap they see in the market. I particularly love when that industry is boating. Last year, April Archer launched her own fly-fishing business, Sarabella Fishing, tailored primarily to women and girls. She designs customer fly-fishing rods made specifically for women and girls. The company’s goal is to empower more women ...

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“Hi Brian”

This weekend I purchased my first “new” car, by which I mean new to me. I am a millennial, after all. From the beginning, I knew what make and model I wanted, as well as the model year range I was hoping to buy and my rough budget. I sent inquiries about various used cars I found online, some through ...

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